A heartbroken and depressed woman hires a hitman to end her life, but when she falls for him, they must join forces to fight against rival hitmen to save their lives and their newfound love.

Feeling lost and disillusioned, Eloise is unable to find meaning or fulfillment in her life. The recent breakup with her long-term partner has left her feeling heartbroken, and she has repeatedly tried to take her own life but keeps failing.  Desperate for a way out, she decides to hire Liam, a professional hitman to end her life. However, Eloise quickly realizes that Liam is not the cold-blooded killer she was expecting. He is a flawed and desperate father trying to make a quick buck in order to regain custody of his daughter.

As they grow closer and their bond deepens, Eloise begins to see the possibility of a different future and starts to reconsider her decision to end her life. When the two rejected hitmen discover the subterfuge, they grow angry and seek to save the reputation of their profession. Liam and Eloise become the new target and have to outrun their pursuers as they hunt them down. Eloise's survival instincts kick in, and she realizes the depth of her love for life and the people in it. She is willing to fight with everything she's got not to miss this second chance at life.

Despite her desire to challenge the status quo, Eloise has become cynical and frustrated with her current circumstances. Once a driven journalist, she now works as a copywriter and has lost her ambition. Caring for her abusive mother, who has dementia, has taken a toll on her well-being and left her drained of energy. Totally blindsided by her long-term partner moving on with a younger woman, she is devastated to learn about their engagement on social media, and to make matters worse, she finds out that the new girlfriend is pregnant, causing her to confront the possibility that she may never have children of her own. As a result, Eloise has become apathetic and disconnected, feeling as though she has lost her purpose in life.

After multiple failed suicide attempts, Eloise is determined to end her life and hires Liam, a professional hitman. However, Eloise quickly realizes that Liam is not the cold-blooded killer she expected. He is a desperate father trying to get the money to regain custody of his daughter. As they get to know each other and become closer, Eloise begins to believe that there may be another way out of her current situation.  When the new couple becomes the target of two rival hitmen. Eloise is forced to confront the depth of her love for life and the people in it, and comes to the realization that she is willing to do whatever it takes to outrun her pursuers and stay alive to move forward and create a better future for herself.

Liam Jenkins is a sensitive man who struggles to live up to his potential, making impulsive decisions that have not set him up for success. He's recently at a crossroads, fighting for custody of his daughter, and overhears a Russian hitman talking about a $10,000 hit job. He poses as the hitman to make quick money, but things become complicated when he realizes Eloise hired him to end her own life. He becomes torn between his feelings for her and his need for the money, and when the two rejected hitmen discover his subterfuge, he and Eloise become the target and have to outrun their pursuers as they fight for their lives. In the end, they turn the Russian hitman to the police, become heroes and Liam gains custody of his daughter and builds a bright future with Eloise.

Boris Orlov is a cold and calculated killer, a man who has made a career out of ending the lives of others.  His icy blue eyes seem to cut through the soul. Despite being in his late thirties, he moves with the grace and speed of a man half his age, a testament to the years he has spent honing his skills as a hitman. When Eloise meets with him, she is terrified by the ruthless efficiency he exudes, she escapes through a bathroom window. When Boris learns that Liam has taken the job from him, he becomes determined to hunt them down and eliminate them, no matter what the cost.

Devon Bianchi is a large Italian hitman and the son of a Godfather who is forced to follow in his family's footsteps. He has a secret passion for baking and dreams of opening his own bakery one day. However, he doesn't tell his father about it due to the fear of the powerful mafia boss. When Eloise refuses to hire him for a job, he begins tracking her, determined to prove himself. When Eloise finally confronts him, she recognizes the sweet, gentle man beneath and encourages him to leave them alone. Devon decides to tell his father about his dream of becoming a baker.

My vision for KILL ME is to create an emotionally impactful film that delves into the themes of life, love and death. I want to bring the audience on a journey with the protagonist as she navigates the complexities of her own mortality and the depths of her mental health struggles, ultimately finding hope and a desire for life.
The film will use close-up shots, handheld camera work, a carefully crafted color palette and emotive music to draw the audience into the emotional turmoil of the main character.

The world will be both grounded in reality and heightened with surreal and symbolic elements to visually convey the inner turmoil and moral dilemmas faced by the characters. My goal is to create a visually striking and emotionally resonant film that explores the themes in a unique and thought-provoking way that will stay with the audience long after the end credits roll.

KILL ME is a unique and compelling exploration of love, loss, and the lengths we will go to for the people we care about. It follows the unconventional romance between two outsiders, Eloise and Liam, who find solace in each other while navigating the dangerous and often absurd world of organized crime.
One of the challenges of creating a successful dark comedy is navigating the line between the funny and the serious. KILL ME manages to strike a balance between moments of levity and emotional depth. A good dark comedy should not be afraid to take risks and explore difficult themes without relying solely on jokes and also know when to hold back and let the emotion or drama of a scene speak for itself. Mental health is a central theme in KILL ME. In a society that often stigmatizes these issues, using the power of humor to laugh at the sad and painful things in life can create a meaningful impact and open up important conversations.
The unique blend of genres in KILL ME creates a fresh and exciting experience for audiences. The story is full of twists and turns, and will surely surprise audiences and give them ultimately the uplifting ending they are craving for. As a director, my primary goal is to create a film that is both entertaining and compelling, with fully fleshed-out, relatable characters grappling with real issues and honest emotions. I am confident that by bringing my creative vision to life, we can create a memorable film that resonates with audiences long after they have left the theater.

Isabel Dréan is an award-winning screenwriter, director, and producer known for her thought-provoking storytelling and ability to blend humor and romance. With a background in directing psychological thrillers and horror, she is equipped to handle the film's darker themes and bring a light touch to its romance. Having dealt with mental health challenges in her own family, Isabel has a deep understanding of the importance of discussing mental health. She is a skilled and versatile writer with the ability to handle multiple genres with nuance http://isabeldrean.com

Rachael Biggs is an accomplished author and screenwriter based in Vancouver and Los Angeles. With a background in literature and creative writing, as well as formal education in screenwriting, she brings a unique perspective to her craft. Her diverse career includes experience in TV writing and production, on-camera media, ghostwriting, entertainment journalism, and copywriting. She is also a regular contributor to literary magazines and has an anthology of short fiction awaiting publication. Despite the diversity of her work, her first love remains writing books. KILL ME is her first screenplay. http://rachaelbiggs.com