Isabel Dréan 

Director / Screenwriter / Producer

Originally from Montreal, Canada, Isabel Dréan is an award-winning director / producer. Psychological thriller and suspense are her forte.


CONTACT : isabeldrean (at) gmail (dot) com




Nicholl Fellowship - Quarterfinalist

Written by: Isabel Dréan & Céline Dréan

Logline: When a grieving couple moves to a New England town for a fresh start, the past, the present and the future coil themselves around the young wife’s life like razor wire. A husbands’ uncontrolled temper, hidden secrets and lost loved ones.  

Feature | Psychological Thriller | 97 pages  

#Metoo #Vengeance #FemaleLead

Budget: 500k-1M Location: Quebec, Canada 


Chasing White Rabbits

Written by: Isabel Dréan

Logline: When a true-crime podcaster becomes obsessed with solving the murder of a childhood friend's family, she spirals down a rabbit hole of her own dark past. The truth she will find is more terrifying than she could ever imagine. 

Feature | Thriller | 105 pages

#FemaleLead #Metoo #Diverse

Budget: 500k-1M  



Written by: Isabel Dréan & Ray Schillaci


Feature | Psychological Thriller | 105 pages  

#Metoo #Vengeance #FemaleLead

Budget: 500k-1M


Written by: Isabel Dréan

Logline: When a young Canadian woman settles in Laos to open the first bookshop after the communist era, she soon befriends a local teenage boy with a deep love of books. But when his family pushes her to become his guardian, she is faced with a dilemma that could change their lives forever.  

Feature | Coming of Age/True Story | Outline 

#FemaleLead #Diversity

Budget: 1.5-2M USD$ Location: Laos - Thaïand



Written by: Isabel Dréan

Based on the book by Laura Preble. Producer attached. 

Logline: In a society where opposite-sex couples “perpendiculars” are freakish, forbidden, and persecuted… a preacher’s son, finds himself in love… with a girl. 

#LGBTQ+ #Diversity #FemaleLead #Dystopia

TV Pilot | Thriller/Drama | 60 pages 



Short Film | Psychological Horror | 16 minutes

New Wave Los Angeles Film Festival Best Short, Best Directing, Best Cinematography


Written, Directed & Produced by: Isabel Dréan

If happiness is family, how does one keep on living when losing a child? For Anna, life comes to a halt when she loses her daughter in an accident. She is torn between her living young son, Mathis and the memory her beloved daughter, Claire. Mathis, however, acts like everything is the same. No tears, no sadness. But why would he be sad when to him, his sister is still present and he keeps talking to her like she's still alive? In her struggle, Anna will have to make difficult decisions. Will she be able to let go of this extraordinary love that binds them? Can this love keep them together even through death? Or should she let go? 


Directed & Produced by: Isabel Dréan & Simon Côté 

Season 1 | Murder Mystery/Thriller | 1h 30min

French with English Subtitles  

Michel Galand, famous novelist, invites five friends for dinner. He prepared everything: good wine, small presents for everyone, a good meal and... his suicide as dessert. But the events do not turn out as the writer had planned.



Directed by: Isabel Dréan

The 2e season picks up 10 months after the events that concluded season one. Jonathan must face his demons. Find the person responsible for the death of his friend and colleague Dan Portal. With the help of a new teammate, Alex, our hero must interrogate and protect three key witnesses ... A game of cat and mouse begins between police and suspects ... Seedy hotel ... surveillance cameras ... an assassin called 'the Hand' ... Who will crack first? Who will die? 72 hours to find the truth.

Digital Series | Thriller | 72 minutes French with English Subtitles  


Let Go: On reality, light and loss

The loss of a child is unbearable, and Dréan, along with honest acting by Ferri, manages to convey the depth of this loss without descending into melodrama. (...) Dréan’s work consists of both the real and unreal. Like any film, it is the imagined product of a director’s consciousness, but at the same time is rooted firmly in a material reality. Actors take up space and enact each scene using real words, real gestures. Lighting, though often staged, is similarly real in the sense that it can be seen and perceived. In the visions of Let Go, fantasy is established within an already artificial universe, and in this way, Dréan develops her own hierarchy of reality. Let Go serves as an interrogation of the viewer by asking more questions than it answers, and our reaction to the film’s ending–whether positive or negative–is not necessarily as important as the questions we ask along the way.


“Let Go” Bends The Genre In A Hauntingly Beautiful Way

We Are Indie Horror woke up with an e-mail looking to promote a short film. We have been getting more of these types of e-mails recently and honestly never know what to expect when we watch them. This particular one has our attention. Let Go comes to us from Canadian filmmaker Isabel Dréan.

Award-winning filmmaker, Isabel Dréan divulges into psychological, thriller, murder mystery, suspense, and horror genres. She is the founder of the first independent web series online platform in Quebec, Canada. She currently splits her time between Montreal and Los Angeles. Isabel Dréan has this to say about the making of Let Go.


Isabel won awards all over the world but notably Best Directing at Hollyweb Fest, Austin WebFest with Manigances and Best Short, Best Directing, Best cinematography at the L.A New Wave International Film Festival with Let go.